Advisory Groups

The Partnership is overseen by two advisory groups, the Strategic Advisory Group and the Cross Council Strategic Group. 

Strategic Advisory Group

A Strategic Advisory Group has been appointed to provide advice on the Partnership’s strategy and thematic areas. The Group is chaired by Professor Linda Woodhead of Lancaster University and comprised of both academic and non-academic members.

The Partnership is based on the recognition that tackling the security issues facing the world today requires partnerships at every level, including partnerships across academic disciplines and research councils, and partnerships between researchers and practitioners outside academia.

By integrating arts, humanities, and social science research with existing forms of security research, the Partnership exists to encourage new research agendas, and to bring human and ethical dimensions into the heart of existing and new work. My role is to chair the Strategic Advisory Group, which brings together a range of partners so that they can influence the shape and direction of the Partnership. 

Professor Linda Woodhead, Chair of the Strategic Advisory Group

Membership (last updated: May 2017)

Membership of the Strategic Advisory Group includes:

  • Professor Theo Farrell (Chair) – City University of London
  • Suzanne Bardgett – Imperial War Museum London
  • Professor Indira Carr – University of Surrey
  • Professor Sadie Creese – University of Oxford
  • Phil Darbyshire – Formerly BAE Systems
  • James Deane – BBC Media Action
  • Professor Chris Hankin – Imperial College London
  • Professor Paul Jackson – University of Birmingham
  • Professor Nick Jennings – Imperial College London
  • Professor Mary Kaldor – London School of Economics
  • Professor Michael Levi – Cardiff University
  • Professor Louise Mallinder – University of Ulster
  • Professor Tom McCutcheon – Defence Security and Technology Laboratory
  • Sarah Pickwick – Worldvision
  • Tomas Stanton – Home Office
  • Sarah Graham – Home office

Cross Council Strategic Group

The Cross Council Strategic Group is responsible for the development and implementation of the overarching strategy and research priorities for the Partnership, with input from the Strategic Advisory Group.

The Group is chaired by Adrian Alsop, Research Director at the Economic and Social Research Council and reports to the Research Councils UK Research Directors’ group.

The Arts and Humanities Council, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council are core members.

The Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council, Medical Research Council, Science and Technology Facilities Council and Innovate UK are affiliated members.


Membership of the Cross Council Strategic Group includes:

  • Kristine Doronenkova – Economic and Social Research Council
  • John Baird – Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • Gary Grubb – Arts and Humanities Council
  • Penny Woodman – Science and Technology Facilities Council
  • Brian Harris – Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council
  • Desmond Walsh – Medical Research Council
  • Nick Appleyard – Innovate UK