Enhanced Impact Scheme

The Partnership’s Enhanced Impact Scheme is run by the External Champion, Dr Tristram Riley-Smith, and connects researchers to stakeholders to facilitate knowledge exchange and impact delivery. 

The Scheme allows researchers to discuss their project with the External Champion and identity relevant representatives from government, industry and the third sector to engage with.

It is open to researchers within the Partnership or whose work is closely related to the Partnership’s core themes. It is most valuable to researchers whose projects will soon conclude, or have concluded in the last three years.

To register your interest in the Enhanced Impact Scheme please complete the application form below.

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Value of Enhanced Impact Plan for Stakeholders

  • Identify stakeholders or end-users who could benefit from your research but who have not yet engaged with the project satisfactorily or at all.
  • Set out up to four reasons why stakeholders or end-users would want to engage with your work, for example, provides insights that could inform new policies or new tools that deliver enhanced security and resilience.

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