JSaRC Priority Proposals [Open Monthly CALL]

JSaRC Priority Proposals [Open Monthly CALL]

Following the creation of the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) under the auspices of the Home Office in 2016, it is recognised that there is scope to improve two-way dialogue between the organisation and the UK Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers’ Community (RISC).

It has been agreed, therefore, that there should be opportunities for organisations within the latter to inform the future development of the JSaRC work-plan. RISC members are encouraged via their representative organisations to suggest future strategic priorities and actions for the organisation, particularly those requiring a multi-agency or multi-organisational approach in their implementation of security priorities, using their new ‘Priority Proposal Form’ (guidance notes enclosed).

The priority proposal form invites you to provide ideas on the strategic priorities that should be taken forward within the JSaRC work-plan. Concise answers are encouraged and answers to each question should not exceed 300 words. No more than two appendices can be added; these might include diagrams, pictures, charts or plans. Please note that, for any specific work taken forward following the acceptance of any given strategic priority proposal, it is envisaged that a Collaboration Agreement covering Intellectual Property Rights issues will need to be agreed by all participants in advance of any future engagements.

Having completed the form, your representative organisation will manage feedback of proposals to JSaRC, recognising that coordinated/consolidated proposals from ‘clusters’ are likely to carry greater weight. Organisations are not constrained in the number of proposals that can be submitted; there should however always be a focus on submitting high quality ideas.

In putting forward JSaRC priority proposals, it should be noted that, whilst all those tabled will be considered seriously (with feedback provided in all cases), there is no guarantee of government funding for any idea that is submitted. It will also be important for the priority proposals to take account of the JSaRC objectives and provide tangible relevance to at least one of the following:

  1. Deliver a joint response to the UK’s national security challenges

The priority proposal should be able to demonstrate that a workable solution to the identified issue is achievable. This can be a product, solution or theoretical concept which can be taken further to fruition.

  1. Drive the delivery of the right solutions 

The priority proposal should demonstrate the ways in which there is potential to address the identified issue, with a clear statement of how appropriate solutions would be implemented.

  1. Growth of the sector

The priority proposal should take account of the need to for UK-based security capabilities/solutions to be developed that can help deliver growth within the security sector, both at home and internationally.

All completed forms, which JSaRC and RISC commit to reviewing on a monthly basis, should be emailed to For clarification on the details of this opportunity, please contact your representative organisation within RISC.