Realising the Cultural and Human Dimension Symposium – CALL FOR PAPERS

Comprising Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Workshop 11 (SSKW) and Culture in Conflict

12 – 14 June 2018

The Defence Geographic Centre and Cranfield University will be holding this joint Symposium combining the 11th International Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Workshop (SSKW), Culture in Conflict Conference, Cultural Heritage Protection, and wider cultural issues.

The Symposium will gather UK, US and other international experts and practitioners from defence, academia, OGDs and NGOs to seek understanding of contemporary issues involving cultures through application of spatial and temporal social science analysis tools and methods.

The theme of the Symposium will include cultural and spatial perspectives on:

* Human Geography for Defence and Humanitarian Engagement activities

* Regional Analysis: Russia, the Middle East and Horn of Africa

* Migration and New Diasporas – emerging effects on transit countries and the new settlements

* People and the Environment (Cultural Issues relating to Health, Climate, and Demographics)

* Protection of Cultural Heritage

The Objectives of the Symposium are to consider:

* Promoting a shared situational awareness of people and their environment.

* The development of tradecraft, best practices and case studies in order to promote enhanced research practice, to stimulate capability development and to further understanding.

* The nature of cultural information, how it is identified, acquired and how it can be retrieved.

* The protection of cultural heritage in all its many forms.

These topics will be addressed through a combination of plenary speakers and facilitated breakout discussions.

Call for papers:

Short abstracts (of up to 250 words) and poster proposals based on the topics above, or on a topic that you consider is also relevant to the overall theme, are invited by 28 February 2018.  Please submit to Leanne at in Microsoft word format. Papers should be planned to take 20 minutes to present, followed by 10 minutes for questions.

For further information and online registration please visit the symposium’s website.

Download the SSKW 2018 Flyer here.