PaCCS Policy Briefings

Following our successful series of Policy Workshops, which we ran in the last couple of years, we produced a variety of PaCCS Policy Briefings which carry recommendations in response to challenges that have been identified. The strength of these documents derives from the way in which research insight has been debated by policy-makers and practitioners, giving a credibility and authority to our recommendations which deserve serious attention.

PaCCS Policy Briefing on Transnational Human Trafficking Representation 

PaCCS Policy Briefing on Trust and the Prevent Duty

PaCCS Policy Briefing on Responsible Research and Development: The Ethics of Dangerous Science

PaCCS Policy Briefing on Transforming Research into Technology: Innovation for Defence and Security

PaCCS Policy Briefing on Open Source Data: Ethical & Regulatory Considerations

PaCCS Policy Briefing on Social Media and the Armed Forces

PaCCS Policy Briefing on The Governance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Defence and Security

PaCCS Policy Briefing on Religion and Contemporary Security Challenges

PaCCS/KTN Policy Briefing on Innovation Challenges in Cybersecurity