OSCT Science and Technology Programme Briefing Day

OSCT Science and Technology Programme Briefing Day

Monday 27, July 2015

The Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) plans to conduct three calls for research proposals under their Science and Technology Programme, seeking innovative approaches to countering terrorism and serious and organised crime.

A Briefing and Networking Day will be held to provide more information on the background, funding and timing of the calls. The event will be attended by key representatives from government, industry and academia. The actual calls will follow later in the year. 

Digital Forensics

Innovative ways to speed up the extraction and analysis of high volumes of data held or accessed on digital devices seized by Law Enforcement to identify material of interest.


New approaches to decontaminating building materials following a release of chemical/ biological materials. 

The development of new chemical simulants to support improved trialling and testing of our decontamination procedures.

Detection, Identification and Monitoring 

New technologies for first responders to detect, identify and monitor chemical/biological substances following a release. In particular looking at the use of unmanned vehicles and detectors with a significant stand-off capability.

Along with the Partnership, the event is supported by RISC, Innovate UK, SBRI and the Knowledge Transfer Network.

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