Rights, dignity and religion: responding to ‘modern slavery’

Rights, dignity and religion: responding to ‘modern slavery’

This 1-day conference will bring together academics, researchers, policy makers and service providers to explore how responses to ‘modern slavery’ can best secure the human rights and maintain the dignity of people experiencing severe exploitation. Instead of focusing on efforts to categorise ‘human trafficking’ or ‘modern slavery’. Attendees will examine if the type and framing of responses and the faith identity of who delivers them matter for efforts to ‘end modern slavery’ and to support people exiting exploitation in building secure futures.

Keynote speaker: Dr Yvonne Zimmerman, Associate Professor, Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Author Other Dreams of Freedom: Religion, Sex and Human Trafficking, Oxford University Press.

The conference is part of the ESRC project Understanding the roles of faith based organisation in anti-trafficking (ES/N014979/1), and has been organised by Dr Hannah Lewis, Dr Rebecca Murray (University of Sheffield), Professor Emma Tomalin, Professor Louise Waite (University of Leeds). 

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