Security in the Contemporary World

Friday 17 June, Tuesday 21 June and Thursday 28 July

This three-day conference is organised by the ‘Intelligence and International Security’ research group within the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. Postgraduate students from War Studies will present their recent research alongside regional experts and renowned academics to an audience composed of policy makers and government officials from the UK (including Cabinet Office, MOD and FCO).

They seek to foster an open and illuminating exchange between those who research contemporary international affairs and those who create the policies which shape them. The conference has been kindly funded by the College’s SSPP Faculty Impact Fund.

Topics for discussion include:

– European security

– Eastern Europe, Russia and the Baltic States

– Cyber threat

– Terrorism

– The Middle East

The first two workshops will be held at King’s College London on Friday 17 June and Tuesday 21 June.  The third workshop will be held on Thursday 28 July at the Strand Palace Hotel.

Details of the first two workshops are available on their website. The programme for the third workshop, to focus on politics and security in Africa, will appear on the same page in due course.

For more details of the group and to join their mailing list please visit: