Hayder Mili – Seefar

Name: Hayder Mili

Organisation: Seefar

Disciplinary Area: Migration, Security and Justice

Research Area: People smuggling, trafficking in persons, social inclusion, countering violent extremism

Role: Research User

Email: hayder@seefar.org

Which call are you planning to apply for?
Transnational Organised Crime 2018

What are your research interests?
Seefar is a social enterprise with a mission to work with vulnerable people to build a better future. We specialise in justice, migration and social inclusion. Our expertise is in strategic communications, counselling, consulting, monitoring and evaluation, and research. We have recently conducted mixed methods research projects across North Africa, Horn of Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan on transnational organised crime.

What is your offer?
Collaborative work – we would participate as the international stakeholders with deep experience in working with national governments and UN agencies in devising innovative approaches to tackling organised crime, in particular migrant smuggling, trafficking in persons, and countering violent extremism.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Principal investigators at UK universities.