Dr Laila Kadiwal – University of Sussex

Name: Dr. Laila Kadiwal

Organisation: University of Sussex

Disciplinary Area: Sociology

Research Area: Education, Sociology, Religion, Islam, Peacebuilding

Role: Research User

Email: l.kadiwal@sussex.ac.uk

Which call are you planning to apply for?


What are your research interests?

  • Education and Peace building in Conflict-affected Muslim majority societies
  • Religion, Islam, Education and countering violent extremism
  • Terrorism and inequality

What is your offer?

Research expertise in study of Muslim societies, religion, education, conflict assessment and peacebuilding.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

  • Those working in the area of education,
  • inequality,
  • terrorism,
  • violent extremism,
  • Islam,
  • and religion.

What are your geographical areas/countries of interest?

Pakistan,Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and Turkey.