Innovation Challenges in Cybersecurity Workshop

Innovation Challenges in Cybersecurity Workshop

We brought together a small, select group from government, industry, investment and academia to explore the barriers to innovation in cybersecurity, and means to overcome them. The group was selected not only as authorities in their field but also to provide a diversity of experience and opinion in order to generate insight from engagement between different sectors.

The two-day workshop took place at Horwood House in November 2015, only a couple of days after the Chancellor of the Exchequer had announced a significant and substantial new National Cyber Plan in a speech at GCHQ. The first day of the workshop was dedicated to identifying what the barriers to successful innovation in cybersecurity are, and the second day focussed on generating solutions.

We will summarise the key findings and messages of the workshop in a Policy Briefing, which will be released shortly. They boil down to two major challenges (linked to “Market Literacy” and the “Pipeline” delivering innovative products and services). The Briefing will set out the workshop’s analysis of each of these challenges, and a set of recommendations.

Videos of the event can be viewed at the links below:

Innovation in Cybersecurity: About the event

Innovation in Cybersecurity: The Challenges

Innovation in Cybersecurity: Solutions