British Academy and Department for International Development Anti-Corruption Evidence Partnership

British Academy and Department for International Development Anti-Corruption Evidence Partnership

The British Academy (BA) and the Department for International Development (DFID) evidence partnership aims to support world-leading multi-disciplinary research towards effective policy making and interventions in a bid to reduce corruption in developing countries. 

Corruption is detrimental for development; it has links to low growth, income inequality, poverty and poor service provision, not to mention less direct impacts such as eroding public trust in government. While there is a large amount of evidence for the negative impacts of corruption, the amount of evidence for addressing corruption is a lot smaller. It is unknown what works in different contexts and what the interactions and interdependencies between different interventions are. As a result, DFID country offices do not have sufficient evidence needed to inform the design and implementation of the interventions that will have the most impact.

The partnership will address evidence gaps in what works in reducing corruption. Successful projects will provide operational evidence for DFID country offices and other policymakers to make a practical impact in reducing corruption; strengthen the evidence base for best practice in addressing corruption across different contexts; and highlight interactions and interdependencies between different interventions. Successful projects will also be required to have the resulting evidence widely accessible in open access format to those seeking to develop and support effective anti-corruption policies and programmes.

The call is open to researchers all over the world, with principal investigators required to attend three London based events organised by the British Academy.

The programme will fund up to eight projects of £400, 000 each for two years beginning from the 1st January 2016.

All applicants must register and submit an online grant application on the British Academy’s online e-GAP system by  17:00 on 24 June 2015.

For more information please visit the British Academy website.