‘Conflict and Security in a Changing World’ Conference – CALL FOR PAPERS

‘Conflict and Security in a Changing World’ Conference – CALL FOR PAPERS

7 February 2019 | 09:00 – 17:00

The Royal Society, London

The Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Reserach (PaCCS) set out to promote research that would add distinctive value to the broad and vibrant fields across these topics. The core principles of PaCCS have been from the beginning:

  • Human security
  • Independence
  • Impact:  Linking Research to Policy and Practice
  • Cross-disciplinary Research
  • Partnership – within and beyond RCUK
  • Agility

This work had the potential to support innovative, cutting edge, high quality research with impact and looked to stimulate research which would meet the core characteristics of PaCCS by:

  • making a significant, distinctive and potentially transformative contribution to advancing the field of conflict research
  • being highly cross- or inter- disciplinary, generating added value through cross-disciplinary collaborations and approaches between the arts and humanities and the social sciences (and more widely where appropriate)

Conflict is complex, context-specific and has multiple causes, including environmental insecurity, resource scarcity, migration, poverty, inequality, lack of social cohesion, weak state institutions, corruptions and identity politics. While many countries experience cycles of repeated violence, weak governance and instability, new conflicts continue to emerge across the world. 

Transnational Organised Crime presents a significant and ongoing threat to populations and economies. Organised crime groups are responsible for the illegal movement of people, goods and money across international borders, including people, arms and drugs trafficking, money laundering and counterfeit identities and goods. Criminal groups are now extending into new areas of activity, including cyber crime, environmental crime and involvement with terrorist networks. 

For cyber security, the online environment is increasingly being used by malicious individuals and groups for criminal or antisocial activity. The complexity of software, systems and processes increases the scope and incidence of vulnerabilities. Our reliance on online systems means that successful cyber attacks are likely to have significant and damaging consequences. The combination of increased threats, vulnerabilities and consequences increases our exposure to cyber risks. Better cybersecurity can help reduce risks to an acceptable level.

Call for Papers

We invite participants to present their work on these themes at the ‘Conflict and Security in a Changing World’ conference (7 February 2019, London).

Queries can be sent to David Galbreath (organising sponsor) and Natalia Rodríguez Domínguez (coordinator).

Key Dates

  • Call opens: Friday 14 December 2018
  • Call closes: Sunday 20 January 2019
  • Notification to authors : Thursday 24 January 2019
  • Deadline for registering attendance: Sunday 27 January 2019
  • Conference taking place on: 7 February 2019

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Online Registration and Paper Submission

Full details of the conference programme will be available in January.