Conflict Theme Leadership Fellow Appointed

Conflict Theme Leadership Fellow Appointed

The Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor David Galbreath as Theme Leadership Fellow for the Partnership’s Conflict theme.

Professor David Galbreath is Professor of International Security at the University of Bath and will provide intellectual and strategic leadership for the further development of the theme.

Funded by the AHRC and ESRC, the Conflict Theme Leadership Fellow will play a leading role in helping to identify the ways in which the Partnership can make a distinctive contribution and add value to research relating to conflict. He will seek to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience across disciplines and will advise on potential priorities for the theme.

The Conflict theme covers a wide range of research issues including the causes and emergence of conflict, the prosecution and consequences of conflict and how to end conflict and manage its legacy.

The theme will seek to encourage inter-disciplinary approaches drawing together relevant research across the full range of arts, humanities, social science and science and engineering. It will also seek to promote collaboration with the public, private and civil sectors and with policy-makers and communities seeking to address the diverse challenges posed by conflict around the globe.

In response to his appointment, Professor David Galbreath said he was proud to be part of one of RCUK’s most important strategic investments in research excellence across academic disciplines.

‘I am very proud to be a part of the Partnership and through it I seek to empower research being done on and around conflict to benefit the UK’s established track record in providing world-leading research in the field,’ said Professor Galbreath.

‘As the Conflict Theme Leadership Fellow, I look forward to working with researchers and stakeholders from a variety of different disciplines and policy areas.’

Read Professor David Galbreath’s biography to find out more about his work.