Launch Report Note: Preparing for Impact

Launch Report Note: Preparing for Impact

On 8 July, the Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner released a summary note sharing highlights from the Launch of the IASC review ‘Preparing for impact: How we can overcome barriers and cultivate a culture of collaboration, understanding and respect to achieve impact on survivor support’. 

The launch note includes summaries of remarks from Dame Sara Thornton, PaCCS External Champion Dr Tristram Riley-Smith, report author Juliana Semione, University of Liverpool Professor Alex Bach, Hestia CEO Patrick Ryan, and the Home Office’s Miriam Minty.  

Moreover, the launch summary note provides information about useful resources and seeks to tackle questions including: 

  • How can we cultivate the sort of culture required to achieve impact?
  • How can the power bias change in order to generate positive collaboration?
  • How can collaboration on rights-based issues work in the presence of competing policy objectives?

You can learn more, and read the launch summary note, here.