Opportunity: Clewer Initiative Development Officer

Opportunity: Clewer Initiative Development Officer

The Clewer Initiative (TCI) is the Church of England’s response to the continuing issue of modern slavery. Following a three year start up period TCI has secured funding to continue and expand its work, both in the UK and (from 2020) internationally.

TCI recognises the link between vulnerability and modern slavery, and the need for resilient communities. Beginning with the belief that these issues need to be tackled at a community level, TCI engages with dioceses and wider faith networks, facilitating and equipping them to raise awareness of modern slavery, identify victims, and provide support and care to the survivors. The community mobilisation process, Hidden Voices, will be the predominant methodology used in this stage of the project. In addition, TCI will build a base which will enable churches to routinely and confidently engage with statutory and non-statutory partners around modern slavery issues, making a significant and unique contribution. Finally, an aspiration to provide care and support outside the NRM to victims will continue to be a key constituent of TCI’s work, as will a desire to prevent individuals falling into modern slavery. The development of preventative care and work with victims outside the NRM will be a key focus for the next period of TCI.

TCI is looking for an experienced individual to join their team as a development officer who has been part of the anti-slavery movement, and who also has an understanding of the Church of England. This role requires an ability to work at both a diocesan and a parish level.

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