Proposals sought for two new funding calls under Conflict Theme

Proposals sought for two new funding calls under Conflict Theme

Award offers for the 10 projects funded under the Innovation Awards Call 2015 have been announced. Click here to see the full list six of awards.

Large grants for the 6 projects funded under the Interdisciplinary Research call have been announced. Click here to see the full list of grants.

This call is now closed. The following is for information only.

The Partnership is now inviting proposals for two calls to support interdisciplinary and innovative research under its Conflict Theme.

As part of this call, academic researchers and practitioners are encouraged to explore possible collaborations through a newly established networking database, where offers for collaboration can be submitted and shared with others interested in the calls. It is hoped this will facilitate networking opportunities and lead to the creation of research groups. Current offers are now available to view and may include research partnerships, case studies, datasets and secondments.

Interdisciplinary Innovation Awards

The call for Interdisciplinary Innovation Awards (up to 18 months and up to £100,000 fEC) aims to support the development of innovative, adventurous, higher risk, interdisciplinary research, including projects at an earlier stage of interdisciplinary evolution and/or led by early career researchers.

Interdisciplinary Research Grants

The call for Interdisciplinary Research Grants (up to 48 months and between £400,000 and £800,000 fEC) aims to support innovative interdisciplinary research proposals addressing one or more of the following strands within the Conflict Theme:

  • New Perspectives on the Changing Character and Mosaic of Conflict, and Transitions to and from Conflict, through Time
  • Community Experiences of, and Responses to, Conflict
  • Conflict in the Information Age

The funding calls are intended to support research which crosses the remits of the AHRC and ESRC. There is a common allocation of £4 million for the two calls and, in addition, the EPSRC has indicated that it would be willing to consider co-funding projects on a case by case which cross into its remit, particularly in relation to the connections between conflict and digital technologies and/or cybersecurity.

Closing Dates

 22 October 2015

Interdisciplinary Innovation Awards – 22 October 2015

Interdisciplinary Research Grants: Outline Proposals  – 22 October 2015


For further information about the calls or to apply please visit the AHRC website