Youth Endowment Fund – Open for Early Engagement

The new £200m Youth Endowment Fund, which was announced by the Home Secretary in October, is still available for open early engagement meaning that this procurement idea is in the early stage of development and judging interest from potential suppliers.

The Fund will focus on those children and young people at a higher risk of involvement in serious youth violence to steer them away from crime and violence.

The single long-term goal for the Fund will be to do whatever it takes to prevent the identified young people from becoming involved in a life of crime and violence, whether as first time offenders or as re-offenders. We propose that funded interventions should provide positive outcomes for young people, focussed on addressing risk and building on protective factors associated with serious violence.

Organisations considering responding to this market testing exercise may attend a briefing meeting. This will provide a further opportunity for organisations to ask questions they may have and share initial views on these proposals. The briefing meeting will be held on 29 October at a central London location.

The deadline for returning market engagement responses is 12 noon on 5 November 2018. Responses should be emailed to:

Further details are available here.