Peter Metelerkamp – University of Bristol

Name: Peter Metelerkamp

Organisation: University of Bristol

Disciplinary Area: Film, Political and Economic

Research Area: Conflict over and conditions in rural areas and agriculture in South and Southern Africa

Role: Research Provider


Which call are you planning to apply for?


What are your research interests?

Politics and economics in Southern Africa, with emphasis on the conditions of the “post-colonial”. This has thus far been expressed through projects in documentary photography, but I am currently undertaking more directly economic and political study. My aim is to produce selected case studies of economic and social conditions in agriculture in South Africa, especially those relating directly to questions of land reform.

What is your offer?

Intimate knowledge of politico-economic issues involved in agriculture, agricultural conditions, and the struggle over land in South Africa. Very extensive visual and documentary experience, see

Who would you like to collaborate with?

A partner from economics or, preferably, agricultural economics with expertise in wider agricultural conditions.