Fact Sheets and Guides

Research councils provide a range of resources to help researchers share knowledge and deliver impact.

Knowledge Exchange

RCUK Knowledge Exchange Policy

Principles for knowledge exchange that provide clarity on the RCUK position on intellectual property and asset management.

ESRC Tips for Knowledge Exchange

A toolkit designed to offer guidance on carrying out knowledge exchange effectively.

RCUK Public Engagement Toolkit

A toolkit designed to support researchers to establish ongoing dialogue with the public.

Delivering Impact

RCUK Pathways to Impact Toolkit

A toolkit designed to support researchers to understand the pathways towards economic and societal impacts.

RCUK Top 10 Impact Tips

The most important things to remember when completing the Pathways to Impact.

ESRC Impact Toolkit

A toolkit designed to help researchers achieve the maximum impact from their work.

Working with the Media

ESRC Best Practice Guide to Working With Media

A publication that provides practical guidance on how to engage with the media in order to have a greater impact on the national debate.