Juliana Semione

PaCCS Placement Policy Intern

Juliana Semione is presently undertaking a PaCCS Placement with the Office of the Anti-Slavery Commissioner. She is also a doctoral candidate at the University of Nottingham’s School of Politics and International Relations. Her doctoral research utilizes Q methodology to answer the question, “What is freedom from slavery?” The logical end of extensive anti-slavery efforts around the world is a growing number of people stepping into freedom, yet the anti-slavery field does not have a shared conception of freedom. Her work aims to help unite the field around  understanding of freedom for the good of survivors. 

Juliana has also worked as a research associate at the Rights Lab, where her research has examined and facilitated community driven anti-slavery partnerships as a part of Lab’s Communities and Society Programme, and with the The Salvation Army on a post-NRM programme aimed at assisting clients in their move-on and community integration goals. Originally hailing from California, she has also previously worked with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force. 

Juliana holds a BA in journalism from Biola University and holds an MA in global ethics and human values and an Associateship of King’s College from King’s College London.

RL photo J Semione