Survey on Future Call for Transnational Organised Crime Research

The Partnership is taking forward its Transnational Organised Crime (TNOC) Theme, with the aim of issuing a call for research proposals in late Autumn 2015.

To help inform the development of the theme, a Scoping Workshop was held at the beginning of 2015 for academic researchers and practitioners. At this workshop, a number of substantial gaps in research areas were identified, including:

  • relationships between TNOC and conflict;
  • the economic impact of TNOC; and
  • the life-cycle of TNOC.

We would now like to gather views from the wider academic and practitioner community on existing gaps and, more importantly, how these gaps could be addressed through interdisciplinary research and methodologies.

We invite you to submit your views to inform the development of a future call using the form below. The deadline for responses is Friday 16 October 2015. 

Transnational Organised Crime Research

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Contact Details




What are the main knowledge or data gaps in our understanding of issues relating to TNOC?

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