Algorithms for Autonomous Decision Making in Nuclear Security

A Nuclear Security Science Network (NuSec) Technical Workshop

18 September 2017 

Wellcome Collection, London

The Nuclear Security Science Network, through RISC, will host a free technical workshop on autonomy and decision making in the nuclear sector which will be held in London on 18 September 2017. The NuSec Science Network promotes research and technology in Nuclear Security Science, with an emphasis on radiological detection techniques and systems. The Network acts as a forum to support collaboration and capability amongst Academic, Industrial and Government scientists and engineers working in nuclear security and related areas.

The scope of this NuSec technical workshop includes Algorithms for Automated Decision Making, the Interpretation and Analysis of Complex Multiple Data Streams, and the Practical Implementation of Decision Making Systems in the Context of Border Protection and Other Scenarios.

The afternoon session will focus on two key areas for improving the use of algorithms in nuclear security: What Algorithms Emerging from Today’s Research Could Provide Benefit to Nuclear Security Applications? and How Can We Provide the Data Required for the Application and Testing of These Algorithms?

The workshop will also include Poster Presentations from the NuSec Summer 2017 Research Pilot Projects and details of their ongoing internal and external funding opportunities. There be plenty of time for networking opportunities with fellow Academic, Industrial and Government colleagues.

If you wish to attend, please register for this event by visiting the Eventbrite Link.

More information about NuSec, here.