The Academic Marketplace

The Partnership, in collaboration with the Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers Community (RISC), designed a tool to enable academic researchers to showcase their work and its significance to the security and resilience sector in an Academic Marketplace

Showcasing research with commercial promise, the Academic Marketplace helps researchers to promote their work to potential industry partners and end-users. Its aims are to: 

  • Improve the visibility of research with commercial promise;
  • Improve pull-through and commercialisation of research; and
  • Support researchers by facilitating engagement and mentoring with industry.

The marketplace features projects from organizations across the UK working in areas ranging threat sensing, to cybersecurity and countering radicalisation.

The Marketplace is currently hosted by RISC, and focuses on showcasing research with low Technology Readiness Levels, and the work of academics seeking industry partners to progress their intellectual property. 

Industry partners interested in supporting projects can make contact with researchers directly through the Academic Marketplace, or introductions can be made through the PaCCS Research Integrator, Dr Tristram Riley-Smith

If you are a researcher within the areas of conflict, crime and cybersecurity whose work has commercial promise, please visit the marketplace website to apply to take part in the project.