Recommended Reading

PaCCS is in the process of gathering recommendations for the development of “essential reading” lists for each of our areas of focus. Included materials must be accessible to non-expert audiences, as the list is intended to be useful to both those inside academia and those working in policy settings. To recommend a website, piece of academic work, blog, or podcast for inclusion on our core reading lists, please email


Richardson, Louise What Terrorists Want: Understanding the Terrorist Threat2006TerrorismBook
English, RichardDoes Terrorism Work? A History2016TerrorismBook
Chenoweth, Erica and
Maria J. Stephan
Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict2011TerrorismBook
Head, Naomi Tango: the intimate dance of conflict transformation2013MediationArticle
Head, NaomiThe failure of empathy: European responses to the refugee crisis2016RefugeeArticle


Chase, Isabella and Tom Keatinge (Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies)Suspicious Transaction Report2019Financial crimePodcast
Allerfeldt, Kristofer slaveryBook
Pfaelzer, JeanCalifornia Bound: The History of Slavery in California2019Modern slaveryBook
Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin What Slaveholders Think: How Contemporary Perpetrators Rationalize What They Do 2017Modern slaveryBook
Bales, KevinBlood and Earth - Modern Slavery, Ecocide and the secret to saving the world2016Modern slaveryBook


Van Puyvelde, Damien and Aaron F. Brantly Cybersecurity: Politics, Governance and Conflict in Cyberspace 2019CybersecurityBook
Winks, RobinCloak and Gown: Scholars in America's Secret War1987IntelligenceBook
Briant, Emma L‘Further Supplementary written evidence on Cambridge Analytica, Leave.EU and Eldon Insurance2018Propaganda and misinformationParliamentary evidence
Briant, Emma LBuilding a stronger and more secure democracy in a digital age’ 2018Propaganda and misinformationParliamentary evidence
Edmunds, Tim and Scott EdwardsSafe Seas: Delivering UK maritime security after Brexit2020Maritime SecurityReport