Research Portfolio

The Partnership’s research portfolio includes a range of projects funded through the Partnership and the Global Uncertainties Programme.

Ongoing Projects:

TNOC: Deepening and Broadening our Understanding 2018

The ESRC has announced £1.7m of funding for five projects investigating crime at sea, cyber-crime, human trafficking, crime in Africa and the overlap between crime and extremism. These five projects will run for up to 36 months, commencing in January 2019.

RISE – A New UK Hardware Security Institute at CSIT

Funded by the EPSRC and the NCSC, this £5 million multi-university Research Institute in Secure Hardware and Embedded Systems (RISE) aims to be a global hub for research and innovation in hardware security over the next five years.

Past Research Projects:

You can learn more about past funding opportunities through PaCCS here.

Human Dimensions of Cyber Security 

Following a call in 2016, the EPSRC awarded grants (worth up to £5 million in total) to support collaborative, international and problem-driven projects which addressed the challenges identified at the ‘Human Dimensions of Cyber Security’ (HDoCS) workshop. 

GCRF / PaCCS Interdisciplinary Research Innovation Awards on Conflict and International Development

In 2016, the AHRC and the ESRC announced the funding of 13 Conflict-related Interdisciplinary Research Innovation Awards on topics ranging from population displacement in Ukraine to the gendered nature of climate adaptation in Pakistan. 

2015 TNOC Innovation Awards 

The ESRC and AHRC funded 11 Innovation Awards under the Transnational Organised Crime Theme in areas including the representation of transnational human trafficking in true crime, and the illicit trade in firearms and explosives on the dark net.

TIPS Awards

In late 2015, EPSRC awarded grants to support the top 12 proposals (worth £13M) across the Digital Economy and PaCCS Research Themes, focused on user-driven and interdisciplinary research. ESRC contributed funding of £0.25M to help support the research grant award to Monica Whitty. 

Conflict Theme Innovation Awards

In December 2015, 10 awards under the Conflict Theme were announced on topics ranging from LGBTQ Visions of Peace to socio-material practices in Greater Beirut. 

Conflict Theme Leadership Fellow

Professor David Galbreath was appointed in February 2015 as the Conflict Theme Leadership Fellow.  Over a three-year period, Professor Galbreath provided intellectual leadership and strategic advice on the development of the conflict theme for the Partnership.

Contrails – Finding, Understanding and Countering Crime in the Cloud

The Contrails – Finding, Understanding and Countering Crime in the Cloud grant sought to establish a new research centre to inform understanding of, and responses to, criminal activities and behaviour in the cloud.

Ethics and Rights in a Security Context

The Ethics and Rights in a Security Context grant commissioned new research projects to develop greater understanding of the role of ethics and rights in a security environment, with a focus on governance.

EMoTICON – Empathy and Trust in Communicating Online

The EMoTICON – Empathy and Trust in Communicating Online grant commissioned new research to explore how trust and empathy occur in, and subsequently shape, online communities.

Science and Security

The Science and Security grant commissioned research to develop greater understanding of how developments in science and technology will present both opportunities and threats to future defence and security.

Ideas and Beliefs Leadership Fellows

The Ideas and Beliefs Leadership Fellows were appointed to explore how individuals, communities and nation states form their ideas and beliefs about security and insecurity.

Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellows

The Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellows provided leadership for the Partnership and conducted high quality research and knowledge exchange projects across themes of radicalisation, religion and beliefs, trust, ethics and national security.