The Art of Integration Exhibition

The Art of Integration Exhibition

Tuesday 21, April 2015 – Wednesday 20, June 2015

Partnership Leadership Fellow, Professor Peter Morey through his project Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue, together with the Centre for the Study of Pakistan at SOAS are hosting an exhibition entitled The Art of Integration – Islam in our Green and Pleasant Land.  

The exhibition, at the Brunei Gallery at SOAS for three months from Monday 20 April to Wednesday 20 June 2015, is a visual introduction to the diversity of British Islam.

For five years Peter Sanders travelled around the United Kingdom gaining insight and photographing the side of Islam rarely displayed in the media. His main focus lies on the theme of integration, differentiating it from assimilation and alienation. Emphasising that it is about keeping one’s faith, developing an inner spiritual dimension and not just an outward religious appearance, whilst being part of and contributing to the British society. It raises the question ‘What does it mean to be British and Muslim?’

Integration is, indeed, an art: something of great beauty which is to be treasured and at which, with application, the human spirit can excel.

HRH The Prince of Wales

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For further information on the project visit the Art of Integration website

For further information on the exhibition visit the Brunei Gallery website.


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