CDE Innovation Networking Event

17 November 2016 | London

The Department for Transport Future Aviation Security Solutions (FASS) team would like to remind you that The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) is holding a networking event for science and technology providers in London on Thursday 17 November 2016. Please follow this FASS link to register.

Deadline For Registration: 5 pm on Monday 14 November 2016


This joint initiative between the Home Office and Department for Transport will see £25.5 million invested by 2021 to develop and exploit technology and knowledge to provide a step-change to existing aviation security capabilities. The FASS programme is an important part of the government’s SDSR commitment to double UK spending on aviation security.

CDE Themed Competition: the future of aviation security

This Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) themed competition seeks new technologies and approaches to improve the ability to detect the widest possible range of explosives, weapons and other threat materials that can be taken on board an aircraft.

FASS are seeking new technologies and approaches to enhance threat detection while minimising the inconvenience of undergoing screening and of carrying out that screening. There should be a positive impact on the customer and the operator, and be in line with the government’s priorities to create a safer, more secure and sustainable transport system for all.

This competition seeks proposals to the following two challenges:

  1. Screening of people and their hand luggage.
  2. Screening of aviation cargo and hold luggage.

Up to £1 million is available for phase 1 of this competition. FASS  expect to fund a number of projects around £40,000 to £80,000 with research lasting up to 6 months, with phase-1 deliverables completed by the end of October 2017.

Up to another £1 million will be made available for phase 2 of the competition. Only projects funded through phase 1 will be considered on a per-project basis at phase 2. Proposals must be submitted to CDE online – submission closes on 19 January 2017 at 5 pm.