Why You Need to Care About Cyberwar – Webinar

6 pm London / 10 am PST / 1 pm EST 


Nataly Rios (@natygoico), Creative Consultant at Conducttr


Juliana Ruhfus, Senior reporter at Al Jazeera English. Created the Syrian cyberwar interactive investigation #HACKED

Andreas Haggman, Cyber Security PhD Researcher

Parnian Najaf,  Security Consultant at FireEye

Robert Pratten, CEO Conducttr

Why you should care about cyberwar?

“The internet is a weapon”, says an anonymous Syrian hacker who was offered a job with Syria’s Electronic Army. This might be hard to grasp but it’s time to protect ourselves and our communities from cyber warfare.

The impact of cyberwar can be seen in the political sphere, in civil society, and in ground conflicts. What is the role of cyber in modern warfare? How has cyberwar impacted the Syrian conflict? Who is vulnerable? How can we understand and protect ourselves from cyber threats? Can wargaming and simulation help build our awareness and resilience?

This webinar discusses the role of cyberwar in our daily lives and why we need to care.

Who should attend?

People working in security, defence, wargaming, crisis management, telecoms, computing, finance, energy, transport, journalism, and anyone interested in cyber warfare.

How to Join:

For info on how to register, please visit Conducttr’s website.