Cybersecurity 2025 – Human Futures and Cyber Futures

Cybersecurity 2025 – Human Futures and Cyber Futures

09.30am – 6.00pm, Friday 15, May 2015

Hosted by Warwick Intelligent Futures, the Cybersecurity 2025 – Human Futures and Cyber Futures conference brings together experts and scientists to forecast the impact of the digital age on security in the next decade. Professor Chris Hankin, member of the Partnership’s Strategic Advisory Group, will be presenting on ‘Strategy, Science and Cyber in 2025’ at the event. 

Security will change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last century. We are moving into an era in which cyber will solve many of our problems, but will also open up new vulnerabilities. Access to data on an astonishing scale will deliver ‘knowledge-intensive security’ but will also raise difficult questions about protection, privacy and access. Many of these challenges are about interaction of human beings and the internet.

In 2025 everything we buy that costs more than twenty pounds will have an IP address. The increasing application of high technology to everyday life, including energy, food and transport, has the potential to result in new kinds of cyber attacks. We are likely to see interference with unmanned vehicles and robotic devices. There will be attacks against connected devices with direct physical impact on human beings, ranging from cars to personal technology. We will see the increasing theft of bio-authentication components.

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