Digital Transformation: Delivering the vision for agile, flexible and secure public services

14 November 2017 | Manchester

The new Government Transformation Strategy sets out the vision for digital-enabled public services. It covers three broad areas of focus: transforming whole citizen-facing services; department transformation to deliver policy objectives in a flexible way; and internal government transformation to collaborate better and deliver change more effectively.

This conference will explore how to reconnect citizens and the state and rethink policy making and service design so that they are closely tied. Public services need to be agile and flexible enough to implement service design as it forms, to back the best solutions not the costly failures, and to be able to adapt to an ever changing and challenging environment.

At Digital Transformation: Delivering the Vision for Agile, Flexible and Secure Public Services, you can learn how to embed the latest digital solutions and ways of workings in your organisation and help redesign better public services and user outcomes.

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