Foresight in Africa: Be prepared for the Future

20 June 2017 | London

Interested in prospects for Africa? Want to navigate the future shape of risks and opportunities in the continent? If so, join The School of International Futures (SOIF) on a unique one-day executive course on 20 June.

This unique one-day course brings together three world-leading organisations to offer you a multi-disciplinary and multi-national analysis of Africa’s possible trajectories over the next 20 years. Combining the research expertise of the University of Warwick, the global trends analysis capability of the UK Ministry of Defence’s Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre DCDC, and the foresight capacity-building and advisory approach of School of International Futures (SOIF), this course will bring you unique insights, unavailable anywhere else in the UK, into the possible futures for Africa, global strategic trends and what this could mean for your organisation.

By 2045, Africa will account for approximately a quarter of the global population, and it is likely to remain one of the most economically and culturally diverse regions in in the world. There is enormous potential for development and growth as the African economy is expected to quadruple in size over the next 30 years.

There will be opportunities among the risks for your organisation and this course will help you to identify them and stay ahead of the competition. It will also provide a great opportunity to network with the three organisations and fellow delegates.

Is this course aimed at you?

Those with a business, policy, media or international development interest in Africa will have a particular interest in this course. The range of insights generated goes well beyond the risk analysis most organisations rely on.

Those without a particular focus on Africa will also benefit by developing their foresight skills: the approach to integrating complex data on future trends and other intelligence into organisational processes is relevant to many other contexts. Strategy, business planning, policy development, procurement, risk management, HR, innovation and communications are some of the business functions where foresight skills will bring immediate benefits. 

Find out more on the website and apply online.