Genocide and Ethnic Violence: Designing a Sustainable Peace

Genocide and Ethnic Violence: Designing a Sustainable Peace
What system changes are needed to deliver sustainable peace for the peoples who suffered genocide and ethnic violence?
Join the Right Honourable Andrew Mitchell, MP; Prof Marc Weller, Chair of International Law and International Constitutional Studies University of Cambridge; Prof Phillipe Sands QC, Matrix Chambers, Director of Centre on International Courts & Tribunals at UCL; Dr James Smith, CEO, Aegis Trust; and Dr Kate Ferguson, Director, Protection Approaches, for a panel discussion concerning system changes needed to deliver sustainable peace for peoples who have experienced genocide and ethnic violence. This event is part of the Sinews of Development Speaker Series hosted by The Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme (RSDP), The Centre for Industrial Sustainability (CIS) and the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM).
Regular readers of the PaCCS website may be familiar with Dr. Kate Ferguson’s past work with our partnership through her PaCCS placement with BBC Media Action, which resulted in this report on countering violent extremism through media and communication strategies.
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