Grand strategic resets at the end of the Cold War

This panel at King’s College London, hosted by their School of Security Studies, will examine some of the strategic and conceptual ‘resets’ in countries following the momentous change brought on by the end of the Cold War. In doing so, we hope to draw some relevant lessons for the way in which scholars and practitioners might approach the post-Covid period.


Panelists and running order:

  • US Foreign Policy and the End of the Cold War in Africa: A Bridge Between Global Conflict and the New World Order, 1988-1994Dr Flavia Gasbarri, Lecturer, Department of War Studies.
  • The US and China in George H W Bush’s New World Order, Martina Bernardini, PhD student, Department of War Studies.
  • How did the end of the Cold War affect the field of Strategic Studies? The Revolution in Military Affairs and other fashionable concepts, Chiara Libiseller, PhD student, Department of War Studies.


    For more information, please visit the King’s College London website, here.