Home Office Biometrics Programme Market Engagement Event

Home Office Biometrics Programme Market Engagement Event

The Home Office Biometric (HOB) Programme is holding an event in central London on the afternoon of Thursday 14th April 2016. This will provide an update on the programme’s progress and also seek to capture views from industry on these emerging plans. A brief synopsis of the programme is provided with this letter.

This event will build on HOB’s first supplier engagement day held in July last year, which provided an introduction to suppliers of the Home Office vision and technical roadmap for biometric services. Suppliers will be provided with further information about the HOB Programme and a forum for discussion on the HOB’s proposed approach. The presentations will cover strategic direction and updates since last July, including business and technical strategies, and potential procurement approaches.

The Home Office would like to invite suppliers to help them improve those plans, and to identify supply opportunities. In addition to providing an update on the programme, the event will seek to capture industry feedback, which will be structured through facilitated sessions. These will be based on questions identified by the programme and related to risks and issues. Further details will be provided with the joining instructions to enable suppliers to prepare ahead of the event.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Please note that as some of the information disclosed at both the event and in potential follow-up meetings is formative and not available in the public domain, the HOB team request that organisations attend with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place.

Register Your Interest to Attend the Event by 17:00 on 04 April 2016
Please return the name(s), job title(s) and email address(es) of your proposed delegates to together with a signed copy of your NDA, if appropriate. Please note that due to limited capacity, it will not be possible to send more than three delegates per company. Joining instructions will be sent to all registered parties on 7th April.