Home Office SBRI Chemical Decontamination Call Briefing

Home Office SBRI Chemical Decontamination Call Briefing

10.30 – 15.00, Wednesday 14, October 2015

The Home Office and Government Decontamination Service (GDS) are planning an SBRI call for two challenges:

  • To enhance our fundamental understanding of how best to decontaminate building materials that have been contaminated with chemical agents.
  • To develop new or improved chemical simulants that will help GDS further improve its capability to verify its decontamination tasks. 

Bidders will be invited to submit proposals to address either or both challenges but please note that individual proposals should be submitted separately. 

The call is open from 21 September 2015 to 18 November 2015.  Funding of £300,000 is available for Phase 1 proposals, each with a nominal maximum duration of up to six months and maximum funding of £0 – £50,000 each. 


Where contamination poses a risk to human life and the wider environment, GDS’s priority is to support local authorities to decontaminate any surfaces as effectively as possible and ensure any contaminated areas are reinstated and normality regained as soon as possible.

The first challenge seeks to raise our fundamental understanding of the most effective way of decontaminating building materials that have been contaminated with chemical agents. Proposals are invited to identify the key parameters controlling the behaviour of both chemical agents and decontamination processes on building materials, supporting existing modelling work.   

The second challenge is to develop chemical simulants that accurately mimic both the chemical reactivity of materials of concern with typical decontaminants and their persistence on common building surfaces. 

GDS is interested in approaches to develop simulants for the chemical agents listed in the report CBRN incidents: clinical management and health protection

Event Details

The Knowledge Transfer Network will be hosting a briefing event on behalf of the Home Office to draw together a community of interested parties to hear about:

  • The call scope
  • The requirements from GDS
  • The application process

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