Islam & Atheism – Irreconcilable Enemies?

13 November 2017 | London


Modern Britain is a plural society. Around one in twenty of us – and one in eight Londoners – identifies as a Muslim, including some who have converted to Islam. At the same time, around half the population no longer identifies with any religion, and over one in five has a broadly humanist worldview (whether or not they call themselves humanists). Most humanists are atheists, including some ex-Muslims. And there’s plenty of diversity on all sides.

Yes, unbelief and belief are “irreconcilable”. But does that make every form of Islam and Humanism or, more importantly, people who are Muslims and humanists/atheists, irreconcilable enemies? Looking beyond the simple belief/unbelief divide, where are there fundamental differences? Where is there common ground? What can Muslims and atheists do to help make our plural society work better?

Four leading speakers from diverse backgrounds (Arzoo Ahmed, Andrew Copson, Dilwar Hussein and Aliyah Saleem), will share their views and experience in this event organised by Humanists UK, New Horizons in British Islam and Conway Hall.

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