Methodological Challenges of Researching Religion in Marginalized Development Contexts

23 February 2017 |University of Bath


Research in the social sciences has typically been characterised by either quantitative or qualitative research methods, with the value judgements implicit in them rarely discussed.

When researching religion and its role in development processes, do the values and epistemologies of both the researcher and the researched have to be laid bare? Can the institution of religion – if it can placed under this analytical category – be researched like one would research other institutions which regulate human interaction? Given the ubiquitous presence of religion in marginalized contexts, how one answers these questions matter not only for the research itself but also for the impact it may have on transforming people’s lives.

The workshop will have a limited number of presentations in order to maximise discussion and exchange of expertise. The format adopted will be a short introduction to a topic, highlighting main challenges and point of contention, followed by dialogue among participants. 

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This event is supported by the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) at The University of Bath.  

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