Report Launch – Countering Lone Actor Terrorism

Report Launch – Countering Lone Actor Terrorism

22 June 2016

Co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme (ISEC) of the European Union.

Lone-actor terrorists are perceived as presenting acute challenges for law enforcement practitioners in detection and disruption. By definition, they act without direct command and control from a wider network, and it is assumed that without such communications they may evade the ‘tripwires’ that would usually bring them to the attention of the authorities. The Countering Lone-Actor Terrorism (CLAT) project aimed to investigate this assumption. Through the construction and analysis of a database of 120 lone actors from across Europe, it sought to improve understanding of lone-actor terrorists, their behaviour and their activities in the period leading up to their intended attack.

This event will formally launch the project’s reports, detailing the findings from the research and their implications for policymakers in the UK and across Europe. Alongside members of the project team, we are delighted to welcome Detective Chief Superintendent Alan Lyon, the National Co-ordinator of Prevent within Counter Terrorism Policing, who will offer his reflections on the research and the threat from lone-actor terrorism.

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