Spatial Modelling of Conflict and Urban Conditions SEMINAR

Spatial Modelling of Conflict and Urban Conditions SEMINAR

1 June 2018 | Leeds | 8:30 – 17:30

The seminar is organised in the context of the “Revolt in the Square: Spatial Modelling of Urban Stability” research project funded by AHRC. Speakers will explore the way mapping and modelling of urban unrest can contribute to an understanding of protest movements and how public spaces are now reshaped under novel understandings of democracy.

Opening Address:
Professor Muhammed Basheer, Head of School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, UK.
Keynote Speakers:
Professor Paul Routledge, School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK.
Professor Wendy Pullan, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge, UK.
Dr Nils W. Metternich, Department of Political Science, University College London, UK.

This is a free event. Registration is mandatory and places are limited. Please register before Monday 21 May. Visit the project website here. To book your place, visit the event website.

Download the Seminar Flyer here.