Using Behavioural Science to Target Prolific Criminals

Using Behavioural Science to Target Prolific Criminals

17-18 October| The British Academy

9.30am – 5.00pm

Dr Jessica Woodhams, University of Birmingham
Dr Matthew Tonkin, Birmingham City University
Dr Amy Burrell, Birmingham City University
Dr Jasper van der Kemp, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Detecting prolific criminals has the potential to pay dividends in terms of cutting crime rates and reducing future victimisation. While forensic science can be used to apprehend these individuals, physical forensic evidence is left at only the minority of crime scenes, and, in some countries, the processing of such evidence is time-consuming and costly. An alternative tool for detecting these offenders is behavioural science. A decade of research has now amassed on behavioural investigative analysis yet there remain challenges to overcome. This conference aims to reflect on progress to date, consider the current challenges facing practitioners, and develop new collaborations through which prolific criminals can be effectively targeted.

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Speakers include:
Dr Louise Almond, University of Liverpool
Dr Dalal Alrajeh, Imperial College London
Professor Chris Baber, University of Birmingham
Dr Craig Bennell, Carleton University
Professor Tim Grant, Aston University
Superintendent Jon Hutchinson, Cambridgeshire Police
Dr Gerard Labuschagne, formerly with the South African Police Service
Dr Jan Lemeire, VU Belgium
Ms Esther Martin, West Midlands Police
Dr Nicky Miller, College of Policing
Dr Claire Nee, University of Portsmouth
Mr Lee Rainbow, National Crime Agency
Professor Pekka Santtila, Abo Akademi University, Finland
Dr Gabrielle Salfati, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Mr Jim Sturman QC
Mr Ciaran Walsh, West Midlands Police
Mr Mark Webb, National Crime Agency

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