PaCCS and the Accelerated Capability Environment Research Network

The Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) is partnering with PaCCS on a programme that will bring a greater range of academic researchers into its digital, data and innovation delivery. ACE was established by the Home Office’s Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism to be a force for positive disruption: challenging accepted norms and solving problems in novel, fast, cost-effective ways for national security and law enforcement customers.

There are many ways for universities to get involved, from light-touch panel participation to co-creation research partnerships. They might access novel sources of operational data, put research insights into practice, or enhance postgraduate offerings with stimulating modules and placements. Individual researchers may be contracted commercially onto projects, once the institution is “onboarded” onto the Vivace academic-industry consortium.

Information about all these opportunities is now available to university departments through the ACE Research Network, enabling institutions to identify projects which match their expertise. As a partner to the network, PaCCS brokers crucial relationships by putting ACE in touch with leading specialists in niche domains, when they are needed.

This increases the impact and diversity of ACE’s capability and approach. Engaging the right organisations to be able to move at pace on customer assignments is key to both. Any institution interested in joining the ACE Research Network and receiving regular opportunity updates directly should contact