CRITiCaL – Combatting cRiminals In The Cloud

Principal Investigator: Dr TR Gross

Research Institution: Newcastle University

Grant information: EP/M020576/1

Project Summary:

This inter-disciplinary research centre will emerge out of both Durham and Newcastle University, using Durham’s strengths in criminology, law and ethics and Newcastle’s strengths in Computer systems security, artificial intelligence, data mining and psychology.

The aim of the centre will be to produce interdisciplinary research; inform public policy, police and prosecution practices; and transform public understanding of crime within the cloud. By combining expert knowledge in the field with academic research in artificial intelligence, the centre will provide greater understanding of the types of crime conducted in the cloud helped through the development of cloud crime scripts and defining the activities of a criminal act.

The centre’s expertise will make a direct contribution to police productivity by providing additional techniques to aid in reducing false lead numbers. In addition, work will revolve around (i) delivering case-sensitive interviews and investigating procedures for witnesses, victims and investigators; (ii) ensuring evidence going to court is not compromised by intelligence gathering methods and (iii) preventing the lack of reporting of Cloud crime and improving public understanding and confidence.

The proposed start date of the project is the beginning of June 2015.