David Baganda – Centre for Policy Advocacy and Action Research

Name: David Baganda

Organisation: Centre for Policy Advocacy and Action Research (CPAAR)

Disciplinary Area: Political Science

Research Area: Conflict related studies and Monitoring & Evaluation of interventions on conflict and post conflict reconstruction programs

Role: Research Provider

Email: dbaganda@gmail.com

Which call are you planning to apply for? 


What are your research interests?  

  • Political Settlements
  • Ethnically inspired political conflict
  • Mediation and Conflict resolution
  • Post Conflict reconstruction and development

What is your offer?

    • Social Research skills that include: concept development; proposal writing; data collection, analysis and reporting; policy advocacy to influence interventions.
    • Monitoring & Evaluation Expertise

Who would you like to collaborate with? 

Gender experts, Anthropologists, Conflict experts, Economists.

What are your geographical areas/countries of interest? 

  • Great lakes region of Africa countries-Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, DR. Congo, South Sudan.
  • Horn of Africa-Ethiopia, Somali, Gjibouti and Eritrea.
  • Central and Southern Africa.