Hazel Kemshall – De Montfort University

Name: Hazel Kemshall

Organisation: De Montfort University

Disciplinary Area: Criminology

Research Area: Serious violent and sexual offending, including transnational criminality across the EU.

Role: Research Provider

Email: kemshall@dmu.ac.uk

Which call are you planning to apply for?
Transnational Organised Crime 2018

What are your research interests?
Serious sexual and violent crimes perpetrated by offenders mobile across EU Member States. Completed in 2015 a study across the 28 States investigating limits and barriers to effective information exchange on offenders travelling across borders, and barriers to criminality information exchange on serious crimes and criminals. This included both field data from policy makers, and a range of criminal justice practitioners; and also a review of current information exchange processes and mechanisms.

What is your offer?
Data, both qualitative and a review of existing information systems and published reviews for the EU (Project SOMEC). Knowledge of available information exchange mechanisms for policing and criminality information exchange in the EU; and information on current barriers and challenges for effective policing, supervision and management of serious offenders within the EU.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Other Universities, practitioners and policy makers (I have extensive experience of working with Home Office, MoJ, Europol, Confederation of European Probation, ACPO, and ACOP).