Success of SIDC’ s Future Borders Experience

Success of SIDC’ s Future Borders Experience

The Security Innovation and Demonstration Centre (SIDC) at the Home Office has had significant success since its launch one year ago.

Its Future Borders Experience at the Transport Security Expo in December 2015 demonstrated how legitimate passenger and goods traffic can experience a smooth crossing, without compromising security. The Experience brought together many different security elements to create fully joined up security solutions, showcasing ways in which travellers can be made safer and transport assets more secure. Companies were brought together to show how a combination of stand-off detection technologies, with other intelligence, could produce a passenger risk level profile, which increases or reduces  as they move through the future border.

SIDC demonstrators relate to real world security challenges and allow industry, academia and end users to imagine how technology could solve them, whilst also providing an opportunity to showcase the potential of innovative products.

SIDC aims to help make the UK a global leader in security and resilience technology by making it easier for partnerships between industry, academia and users to quickly develop and demonstrate innovative solutions.