Atrocity Prevention and Covid-19 Briefing

Atrocity Prevention and Covid-19 Briefing

“An established lesson of atrocity prevention is that moments of acute stress exacerbate existing structural risk factors of atrocities and create new ones. The coronavirus crisis will be no exception; without timely and effective preventative measures, the economic, social, and political consequences will likely take more lives than the virus itself”, says Dr Kate Ferguson of Protection Approaches. 

Previously a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge for PaCCS, where she worked on identity based conflicts and wrote about Countering Violent Extremism through Media and Communications Strategies and the effectiveness of communication and media development in Information Warfare and Countering Violent Extremism, Dr Ferguson is now the Co-Executive Director and Head of Research and Policy at Protection Approaches. 

In their recently released report, Dr Ferguson explores opportunities and responsibilities in the context of atrocity prevention and Covid-19. 

Her report explores challenges facing indigenous communities, refugee populations, and religious groups, as well as highlighting the worldwide rise in domestic violence during covid-19 and the widespread documentation of hate crimes. 

You can read their report on their website, here.