Aviation Security Solutions PhD Placements

Aviation Security Solutions PhD Placements

Do you have an idea that could revolutionise how aviation security works in the future? If so, you might be interested in submitting a proposal to the Future Aviation Security Solution’s (FASS) new £1 million programme to fund industrial PhD partnerships (IPPs) at universities.

The Department for Transport and the Home Office have put out a call for parties interested in participating in the FASS Industrial PhD Placements (IPPs) scheme, which is run by the Connected Places Catapult. These PhD studentships are designed to encourage industry and academia to collaboration while generating low level research that could make significant changes to aviation security.  Ideas coming out of the project will help transform innovation security while promoting seamless travel and better passenger experiences. 

Universities from across the UK that wish to carry out cutting edge research into the next generation of aviation security solutions are invited to apply for a share of this £1 million government fund, which will result in (FASS IPP grants will fund universities and industry partners to conduct innovative research into the future of aviation security through PhD studentships. Interested parties might wish to apply for a FASS IPP grant because it offers: 

  • £1 million for joint academic and industry research focussing on novel security solutions
  • The opportunity for UK universities and industry to forge new links through Industrial PhD Partnerships
  • Government funding to support the development of highly-trained researchers with expertise in national security

This is a cross-disciplinary fund, open to those working in all areas of aviation security including those in behavioural science, physics, chemistry and mathematics. 

To find out more out more about FASS IPPs on the Connected Places Catapult (CPC) website. You can also contact the CPC by emailing: The deadline for proposals to be submitted is the 3rd January 2020.