Call for White Papers: Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis

Call for White Papers: Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis

Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis (CINA) Center has put out an open call for white papers presenting research ideas intended to address questions and challenges that CINA, DHS, and/or its federal partners are currently facing. These white papers will be subject to a formal review process, including evaluation by external subject matter experts, to identify those proposals that will be invited for full SOW development and will be considered for potential grant awards.

Topics of interest include:

  1. Content processing/extraction at the edge/sensor
  2. digital video processing
  3. Traditional forensics
  4. Infer criminal network flow and structure from indirect observables
  5. Automate network creation from data
  6. Develop early and near real-time warning indicators for human smuggling activity
  7. De-anonymizing network connections
  8. Vehicle forensics: extraction and sanitization
  9. Cybercrime investigations and other training 
  10. Models and signatures of specific criminal operations
  11. Systematic reviews
  12. Effect of COVID-19 and response on criminal organizations, criminal activity, and law enforcement 

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