CyberOwl Takes Off

CyberOwl Takes Off

Crossword Cybersecurity Plc and Coventry University have created a new spin out venture, CyberOwl Ltd, to commercialise leading edge security monitoring research.

The academic founder of CyberOwl, Dr Siraj Ahmed Shaikh, Reader in Cyber Security at Coventry University, and his team has conducted extensive research in the area of threat attribution and monitoring using advanced Bayesian analytics, which was shortlisted for the Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize 2015 under the ‘Cyber Risk’ category. This research has applications in early warning systems for cyber space, smart cities and IoT domain. Coventry University has assigned the intellectual property and Mercia Fund Management has provided seed funding to CyberOwl Ltd.

Tom Ilube, Crossword’s CEO said “We are delighted to be working with Coventry University and Mercia Fund Management on CyberOwl. Target centric network monitoring addresses emerging cyber security challenges in the projected USD 400Bn Smart Cities sector and CyberOwl will take this breakthrough research to market”.

“It is vital that leading edge British cyber security research has real world impact” commented Dr Shaikh, Reader in Cyber Security at Coventry University and Director of CyberOwl.